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Since 2018
The name ‘Tamayura (玉響)' derives from Manyōshū (萬葉集), the oldest extant collection of Japanese waka. Its meaning translates as "the quiet, ephemeral resonance when two droplets face one another."
Our promise is a deeply moving dining experience in the tranquil yet fleeting moments shared between us.
Learn more about us
  • Learn more about us
    Savor the season at the peak of Japanese cuisine
    Tokyo-style Edomae sushi served at a sushi bar crafted from 350-year-old cypress wood.
    Epicurean teppanyaki grilled against Aoki Satoshi's shimmering metallic artwork.
    And an artful kaiseki cuisine enjoyed in privacy and a Tea Bar home to sublim Japanese tea art.
    Every dish will be an experience of unparalleled gourmet dining - with a touch of warmth. 
Dining at Private Room
Dining at Private Room
Private Dining
Located on the second floor of the hotel, Tamayura features seven private dining rooms with tables seating eight, six, four or two diners each. Our teppanyaki station and sushi bar each accommodate eight guests, while the tea bar seats six.